Nothing Wants to Stay that Wayy

Built myself a life today                               It fell apart and stayed that way                         My beer is warm and the movie is old             And my TV dinner is getting cold

It’s getting cold             It’s fucking cold            Cold

Taking all my misery    And turn it into fantasy That’s all it really means to me                  And it’s plain to see      That nothing wants to stay that way

Keep my IQ in the way I gargle with it twice a day                                  But nothing wants to stay that way                 And I’d be OK                 If only I could make this fit

Man is knocking at my door                        I just can’t take this shit no more                He wants to sell his fantasy                         He knows how much it means to me

It’s plain to see           Why can’t you see       See

Always seem to get accused                       Of finding different ways to lose                My mind has always been abused               And never used           And when it all goes down the drain            I’ll overdose on windowpane                Blast apart my battered brain             And all my shame

See you soon another day                 And all I know is here today                            But nothing wants to stay that way