Birth of a Nation

A bunch of stupid whiteys are now moving in next door               They think they are the master race and tend to be a bore              They put themselves a notch above and like to think I’m sometime moving out                 

The niggers down the street have been obnoxious for two years        Their kids are vengeful hoods that like to mingle with your fears   They’re still collecting welfare and if we were still in China they’d be dead                                                      I should call the Ku Klux Klan       But they would burn me instead

We just moved in and right next door is a bunch of lousy chinks    You’d think they’re breeding cockroaches and poisoning our drinks                                                  We never ended World War II at least we could have kept them in the slam                                              And half the country’s run and own by vultures from the east       A bunch of blood-sucking camel jockeys praising the Western feast                                               Well I could never learn from them cause I’m too busy learning from my self                                        I can stay on my shelf                      And I can fend for myself

Protected only by their class   Their dreams blasted apart like shards of metal                  We’ve come to resemble all that dies                                    The beast of nations, all lit up and screaming for the lash      I hear you beckon to their fears                                              I saw you cry when Lennon died                                               If he could only see your feeble ways                               He’d take your so-called supremacy and shove it down your throat                                 Some of the most intelligent people that I know                    Are admittedly first-class bigots                                         Thank God the Russians aren’t black                               We’d all be gone in minutes

So this is where our standards lay, directly where they fall                                       A world of little Nazis who can’t wait to get the call           To pull their minions forward and give every other race a place to rest                              In the final plantation                It’s the birth of a nation