Fine Line


Her smile a perfect leer           Her breath piercing needles in my throat                                 Secure in her game                  Oblivious of any mutual knowledge                               She thrusts forward                 Eyes alive and glazed              Spine curling, sagging, thrusting                                 Hips close a final murmur        Thrusting upward in primal ecstasy                                   Her lust breaks open               Always secure, always thrusting                                 Sealing your fate within her     A perfect involvement of no escape                                    Always secure, always thrusting                                 Her reward is you                    And it will always be you

I’ve got a gun                           I’m in control                           I’ve got a gun                          I’m in control

Why do you want me?              I was never meant for you       You was just something new   I never gave you enough to hold me up for                         I was just leanin’ on your door That’s what we did it for          Right there on the floor            And I don’t wanna know anymore                                  Those long nails clutching at my throat                                Telling me the only answer      Did you see me in your crystal ball                                         Didn’t you say you wanted to ball                                         Didn’t you!                               And didn’t you say you were on the pill                                And now you say you never will                                         I’m so confused I need to kill        

My thoughts are in tangles          And my vision’s a blur                 And the pot is on empty              All because of her                       Not a lot to stir                

She cuts like a blade                  So coarse yet so fine                  She takes what she wants          What’s left over is mine         And you wanna run and hide        But it’s so cold outside

You loan out your life                  And they throw you a bone          And you give it right back           And you feel so alone                  And you are alone                       You gotta call her on the phone

And you tell her you love her       She puts on the squeeze             All she needs is your money       She’s like a disease                    And you”re on your knees           Beggin’ please, please

Whaddya gonna do                      Whaddya gonna say                    How you gonna feel it when you don’t feel that way                        All your friends they’re talkin’     Talkin’ how you oughta live         Say it doesn’t matter if you need her                                             Just how much you gotta give   

Well, they’d lose all their desire  If it was their heart and soul out there for hire

We both know the plan                And we both have the score        But I’m not real certain               That I can take it anymore          I’ve had so many dreams            Fall apart at the seams

And every night                          I get that urge                             To squeeze that trigger               My soul to purge                         I can feel it now                          And it’s welcome somehow