Teenagers crucified                  With a lock upon their brain   They’re not supposed to    reason why                                 Or even know their name         They tell us there are precious jewels                                         More valuable than our lives    If I’m no better than a rock       Who’s feeding me this jive?

I’m in a little square                  In a room so bare                       There’s no time for breathing  They, they can feed us shit      All they know is it fits                They don’t care what we’re eating

Your job is like a worn-out glove                                           Your life is just the same          They make you sit and wonder why                                             They play their little games

Your brain is nullified       You’ve got to find escape Although your body’s satisfied                             Your mind is screaming rape   Well I’ll let my bosses take their coffee                          20 cups a day                   They must not know they’re getting wired                     Just in a different way

I, I would rather fly             Like a bird, I’m dreaming    Do you know what I’m  feeling?                             You, you don’t ask me why      If you’ld like to try             Find somebody that’s dealing thats dealing

We all indulge in getting high                                 There’s many varied ways       We know it’s just illusions       But it helps you through the day